Warehouse address

Petőfi S. u. 36/B
H-9444 Fertőszentmiklós

Opening hours warehouse: Mo-Fr > 08.30 – 15.00 hrs<

From 2019 and before; all ex-works loadings in the EU (European Law) need to send back some documents, after delivery of the goods in their warehouse(s):

Signed and stamped CMR document that goods are delivered in the warehouse as been written on the invoice/order conformation
Written document of your company that goods are delivered in your warehouse + date + stamp and Altaterra invoice and/or order conformation number
This needs to be sent back to us within 10 working days after loading the goods from our warehouse in Hungary.
If we don’t receive the info on time we need to send an new invoice including the Hungarian VAT (27%)
Only for EU countries.

Please send us (minimum) 2 working days before loading;

  • the final loading date 
  • truck number plate.